Color up Your Taste

Creative color with statement flavor for your cafe

Welcome to Color up Your Taste

Color up Your Taste was founded by me in spring 2023 and delighted customers with its fabulous selection of colors and flavors! 

I lovingly produce the syrups by hand using selected ingredients.

My vision: Café operators and restaurateurs make the world a little more colorful!

My mission: A very easy-to-use ingredient that can be used universally.

My product: Syrup for coffee specialties, cocktails, cream, sauces, doughs, ...


 Would you like a sample package?

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You want to try it first before going all out? There are two sample sizes: 20 mL (approximately 4 servings) and 60 mL (approximately 12 servings). Also nice to give as a gift with a gift box!

Currently available to choose from: 
- Green Hemp (hemp-flavored green syrup) 
- Emerald Pistachio (green syrup with pistachio flavor)
- Blue Tonka (tonka bean flavored blue syrup) 
- Purple Yam (purple yam-flavored syrup) 
- Pink Chocolate (pink chocolate flavored syrup) 
- Scarlet Cherry (red syrup with Amarena cherry flavor) 
- Orange Pumpkin (orange syrup with pumpkin flavor) 
- Turquoise Coconut (turquoise syrup with coconut flavor) 
- Black Sesame (black sesame flavored syrup)
- Red Poppy (red poppy flavored syrup) 
- Sunset Carrot (carrot-flavored orange syrup) 
- Yellow Dandelion (yellow dandelion flavored syrup) 
- Golden Chestnut (brown syrup with chestnut flavor)

Simple application

Eye-catcher with one touch

A portion of syrup (5 ml = 1 teaspoon) is added to the milk (approx. 100 ml) and the cappuccino, latte macchiato or just nice hot milk is simply prepared.

Latte art with a new syrup look

Pink hearts, blue flowers, green leaves

Latte art is becoming increasingly important in the catering and private sectors. Customers love the artistically painted milk hearts, swans and tulips. These can be served with the trendy syrups in a beautiful and aromatic style.

 The possibilities are yours!




Messe München IBA Sirup Entrepreneur

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I arrived at the trade fair in Munich and have wonderful days behind and ahead of me! Very dear stand neighbors, a loving area team and great conversations with interested people around the world! Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more current NEWS!


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The Rainbow series introduces itself 

Green Hemp, Blue Tonka, Purple Yam, Pink Chocolate, Scarlet Cherry, Orange Pumpkin and other wonderful colored flavors!


Flavors and colors are carefully selected to convey the right feeling. Your taste is not there? Feel free to contact me!


The syrups work with all milk and milk substitutes. The syrup can be used as a special ingredient in countless foods!


Whether for special occasions, seasonal or a brand-specific statement drink: there is something for everyone.

Ube (Purple Yam)

Ube is called the purple yam in the Philippines. The purple root is native to equatorial regions and is a popular food in many places. Their purple color and subtle sweetness make them a feast for the palate and eyes.

The developments continue

The perfect way to become trendy! 

It's often not easy as a café owner. Not every trend can be integrated into everyday work. I offer a “one more handle” solution with a fantastic wow effect!


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